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From Shanghai to New York: Objective Gallery Global Lens on Contemporary Art and Design

“An exploration into the gallery's mission to spotlight sustainability, cross-cultural dialogue, and the provocative in design.”

Objective Gallery, is a leading force in contemporary art and design. We explore their unique curation philosophy and artist selection process, which spans the globe and highlights both emerging and established talents.

They proudly collaborate with icons and forward-thinking designers who redefine sustainability in design. Objective Gallery's mission transcends borders and brings focus to lesser-known talents, all while championing the provocative and contemporary in art and design.

In a world increasingly digitized, Objective Gallery sees the enduring value of physical exhibitions as spaces for collective engagement, discussion, and tactile experience. The gallery believes in the power of art and design to convey the distinctly human, rich in detail and emotion.

Objective Gallery also seeks to bridge Eastern and Western creative disciplines, showcasing China's creative prowess and introducing Western influences to foster cross-cultural appreciation. Pushing boundaries is at the heart of their mission, emphasizing innovation and thought-provoking work, often with a playful twist.

When it comes to the role of sustainability, the gallery affirms: "Sustainability is not something a designer simply tacks on. Objective Gallery bolsters designers interrogating the innate tensions between making, consuming and conserving. Those who consider and implement this into their practice are the true contemporaries of our day. Charlotte Kingsnorth offers a new life to materials pronounced dead. While Vincent Pocsik, Aaron Poritz, and William Guillon work primarily with enduring materials; creating what is intended to outlast you.”

Join us as we explore the world of Objective Gallery, where creativity knows no bounds, and where art and design come together to redefine the future of the industry.

Can you discuss your gallery's guiding philosophy for curation and the process by which you select artists or designers to represent?

Objective strives to live up to its moniker by considering artists and designers from all corners of the world. In an industry where name and legacy can get you very far, we work to bring focus to lesser-known talents as well as industry leaders. Letting a work be considered for its level of craftsmanship and creativity. Our program focuses on those who defy categorization, pushing their medium, material and minds. On a purely visual note we tend to favor the provocative and contemporary.

Led by curators Ansha Jin in Shanghai and Morgan Meier in New York, curatorial choices are grounded by the respective show’s concept and the artist's direction. Counterbalanced by a heavy dose of intuition and collaboration. We work to cultivate intrigue, contemplation and prompt conversation; encouraging viewers to venture elsewhere mentally, emotionally, however, and wherever they choose – this is not for us to decide only to facilitate.

Are there any particular artists or designers you've collaborated with whom you're especially proud to have featured in your gallery?

Maintaining a balance of emerging and established artists is pivotal for us – to work with as pivotal in contemporary design’s trajectory as Aldo Cibic [founding member of the Memphis movement] is an incredible honor. While the artists and designers making their name in real time are just as vital – how can we be contemporary without the vanguards? In particular, the mindset of sustainability and the creativity surrounding the use of existing materials is a point of pride for the gallery.  Designers Charlotte Kingsnorth and Sam Klemick continue to rewrite the book on what can be minimized as ‘recycled’ or ‘upcycling’.

How do you see the role of galleries evolving in the future of the art and design industry?

There has been a noticeable shift toward more unique and handcrafted works of art and design. People seem to long for the distinctly human, works rich in detail and with emotion that only a person can imbue. Though the advantage of online is not lost on us, we are finding equal value in physical shows in the gallery. A place for people to encounter the work collectively, to look, discuss and touch. This is something we want to continue to harness. Future speaking, we will see collectible design continue to establish itself as its own distinguished sector of the art and design world. The functional and sublime take final form in objects, these objects become incredibly personal talismans of our daily lives. Technological shifts will never change this.

What kind of narratives or dialogues are you trying to initiate through the exhibitions and artists you feature?

Creating a dialogue between Eastern/Western creative disciplines is close to the heart of Objective's founder Chris Shao. This is a founding and ongoing project for the gallery. We sincerely hope to introduce to the international stage China as the creative vanguard it is; while demystifying outdated narratives, 'Made in China' and prompting curiosity for the country's vast talents. The introduction of Western to the region is of equal importance, where curiosity and appreciation are ripe.

In what ways does the gallery seek to push boundaries or challenge conventional norms within the art & design world?

People have noted Objective for its elevation of lesser-known or emerging artists and designers, the hope is less to defy but to expand in the highlighting of exceptional work, irrespective of stature and name. Shifting focus to the concept, methods and innovation of an individual piece. That said pushing boundaries makes for interesting thought-provoking work, this is something we look to our artists and designers for. A challenge may be most powerful when it is unexpected, perhaps dressed in a fun or playful exterior. 


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