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Altin Studio: Crafting a Sensory Odyssey at the Crossroads of Art, Ecology, and Social Innovation

"Exploring the Intersection of Art, Ecology, and Social Impact with Altin's Founders"

Altin is a design studio that combines beauty with social and ecological responsibility. Inspired by a rich artisanal heritage dating back to the Neolithic era, Altin collaborates with artisans across Tunisia, preserving ancestral crafts while nurturing their creative vision. Central to their project are the concepts of economic and social development, resource preservation, and recycling.

When asked about the role of art and design in shaping culture and society, Altin believes that they serve as a force of disruption, asking challenging questions and sparking revolutionary ideas. Art and design have the power to widen our vision, encouraging us to think outside the box and explore alternative paths for humankind.

Altin aims to achieve a positive impact through their work by sustaining and developing collective ancestral knowledge. By sharing this knowledge with others, they believe they can contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation of humanity's essence.

So let’s get to know more about Altin and delve deeper into their story and their experiences:

How do you align your work with THEMA's mission of combining beauty with social and ecological responsibility?

The beauty lies in the voyage we propose to the viewer. We invite the audience to experience a sensory odyssey that transcends space and time. On an exploration of our environment, we unearthed a rich artisanal heritage, a profound legacy dating back to the Neolithic era, representing a shared human essence. It inspired us to collaborate with artisans across Tunisia, preserving ancestral crafts while nurturing our creative vision. It was only natural that the concepts of economic and social development, resource preservation and recycling should be central to our project.

In your opinion, what role do art and design play in shaping culture and society?

They lead us along the Path. Art and design have always been a force of disruption in society. Its role is to ask challenging questions and to possess a reactive and revolutionary quality. The force of art and design is making people think outside of the box, widening our vision and in that opened-up space, planting seeds that could lead to a different path to walk on for humankind.

How would you describe the aesthetic or ethos of your work?

We work with 4 “elemental” materials, sea rush, wood, metal and clay. They each have their own unique qualities and distinct ways of occupying space within the universe of Altin. At the same time, our design is pure, with simple lines that direct the focus towards a central, unifying concept. Our creations speak the language of organic minimalism. We honor an unbroken, organic link from the earth to the piece, allowing us to forge a deep connection with nature through our work.

What kind of impact or effect do you aim to achieve through your work?

We have found a collective and ancestral know-how, an awareness that all the people of the world share through their ancestors. These similarities, like DNA, are the essence of humanity. If Altin can sustain and develop this knowledge, sharing it with others, we think we have attained a very positive impact. This is what we truly aim to achieve.


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